Alaska Fishing

The 2014 Alaska fishing season is going to be fantastic. Sure it may sound like an old fish story. But actually it’s shaping up to be a stunning season. More people from all over are calling and emailing us here at the Fish Magnet team. So what’s the reason?

alaska fishingThere is no other place you will discover here on the Kenai River. We have amazing wildlife from bear and deer to big, fat 30 lb. king salmon just waiting to hook your line.

Alaska Fishing on the Kenai

Here on the Kenai River we’re home to an Alaska fishing world record king salmon catch of 97.4 lbs. I know, that’s plenty of great eating. Depending on the time of year, we see them rank from 40 to 70 lbs. What does it take to haul these Alaska fishing monsters into the boat? Well, for starters, patience. Then access some of the most secret Alaska fishing holes we’ve been visiting for decades.

Depending on the time of year, we also see red and silver salmon. Sure there’s also a ton of trophy-sized trout. Many of our clients tell us they experience a dream fishing experience of a lifetime when they take time to pay us a visit.

So what makes a great Alaska fishing trip? We’ve been guiding these waters for decades and here’s some of our best suggestions…

  • Planning. As in thinking about your trip in terms of what you want to catch. Then contact a guiding service that specializes in customized trips based on the time of year.
  • Warm clothes. The weather changes up here fast so it’s best to bring along a few warm jackets even in the summer.
  • Waterproof bag. So many Alaska fishing folks have found out pretty quickly iPhones and smart ones alike tend to get dunked into the water without warning. We recommend you bring along a camera with a dry bag designated for it.

Alaska Fishing & What We Catch

When we’re in freshwater, we come across king, red, pink and silver salmon as well as rainbow trout. Sometimes we’ll see a bunch of dolly varden as well. In salt walter we hook plenty of halibut, ling cod, sea bass a bunch of yellow eye and of course our favorites which are king and silver salmon.

austinhomeMany of our clients love to go after king salmon. It’s always what they love to think about when they’re reading for some amazing Alaska fishing.

But remember, it really depends on the time of year you’re visiting us. Alaska fishing is best when you plan your trip around a specific fish run. They can be fickle so we encourage you to call us to get our fishing report. We monitor our waters daily and love to give you a lot of great advice when you’re planning your Alaska fishing trip.

Once you experience true Alaska fishing, you’ll be amazed how big the fish are here at Fish Magnet. We love helping people have a wonderful fishing trip along with some of the best Alaska fishing around.

Alaska Fishing Trends

Sometimes you’ll find guides mention how the fishing changes depending on the weather. So we have an entire network of secret fishing holes that help us roll with trending runs. One of the reasons we help so many clients catch the big ones is we have decades of expertise guiding Alaska fishing trips.

We guide Alaska fishing folks of all ages and we know we’ll help you hook your next big fish. The King Salmon are some of the biggest in the world. Think Alaska fishing and then get in touch with us.

Contact our Alaska fishing team today.

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