Kenai River Fishing

Kenai River fishing is a world-class angler destination in Alaska.

Each fishing season there are two runs each of King Salmon and Red Salmon. Every other year the Pink Salmon run.

The world record King Salmon, weighing in at a whopping 97 lbs. was caught in the Kenai River in 1985.

The Kenai is also the home of trophy size Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden reaching 30″ in length. A typical king in the second run, beginning in mid-July, weighs 40–85 lbs.Imagine the fun you and your group will have hauling in a few of these big fellas.

At Fish Magnet Guide Service we’ll bring you to some of the best fishing spots to haul in your daily catch on the Kenai River.

Contact us today for Kenai River adventures.

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